3 New Nokia N8 themes

There’s nothing quite like being able to personalise your mobile phone to look and feel how you want it to, now the Nokia N8 has 3 wonderful new themes, that are totally free of charge to download and enjoy (except the first one, they’re now charging for this, argh). Out of the 3 themes you have to choose from, there is the Shark, Dark Green Wood and Darkblu – they all sound pretty cool, right? Well check out the descriptions and screenshots of the wonderful themes below and make up your own mind.

Angry Shark Nokia N8 Theme

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Sharks are a weird kind of fish, though like us they are at the top of their food chain and this theme makes great work of showing the vicious yet also placid nature of sharks. The shark in the screenshots below is menacingly floating about the sea, giving the theme a wonderful look. The icons on the phone’s menu have been dramatically brightened up – they’ve changed a lot, but you’re still going to be able to navigate your way around without issue.

Other than the angry shark, the rest of the theme is pleasant and bright. Oh and the sneaky developers have decided to put the price up from FREE to £1.50, as they had a little exposure thanks to Nokia Conversations. For this greed alone, i’d never choose to download this theme.

Price: £1.50
Download: Angry Shark theme for Nokia N8

Dark Green Wood Nokia N8 Theme

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If you’re a fan of darker colours, then this theme will be right up your street. The wallpaper will look transformed as it takes on the look of a rugged, dark piece of wood mastery. You may feel like it’s somewhat log cabin-esqiue in its look, in the middle of a haunted forest. The icons have been given a renovation and now appear in a grey colour with a green outline, so it keeps everything inline and obvious – not bad at all.

Price: FREE
Download: Dark Green Wood Nokia N8 theme

Deepblu Nokia N8 Theme

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This theme is great, just like the others it offers a great new and different style along with different icons and a blue gradient as the wallpaper which makes for a great and visually beautiful piece of work. Things are still inline and none confusing even though the icons have been changed – which is good. The theme has enough changes whilst looking very clean to keep it interesting and unique.

Price: FREE
Download: Deepblu Nokia N8 Theme

So, what theme are you currently using and which is the best theme you’ve found to date for the Nokia N8? Share your thoughts and pieces of artwork with our other readers.