3 of the best Nokia N8 themes

Nokia N8 themes give your phone a whole new look and feel – making your mobile phone experience a little more personalised and inevitably giving to more out of your device. If you like the sound of that, then take a look at the awesome themes we have for you to download below – all of which are totally free of charge of course. Also checkout the gallery over at Tehkseven for other really awesome Nokia N8 Themes. We also have a selection of Nokia N8 themes at Tehkseven, so feel free to check them out.

Note: You can click on any of the thumbnails below to see a higher resolution and the full preview of the menu screen.


Created by: Sam1374
Download: Moonlight theme for Nokia N8 (3152)

Here we have an excellent theme to give your Nokia N8 not only a unique but also visually stunning look – simplistic yet a master-piece in it’s own right. The moonlight bounces off the grass giving the background a nice glow, along with the trees and what can only be described as a hut type home.

This theme is probably the best theme we’ve ever found for the Nokia N8 here at N8Geeks. If you like the idea of a really cool moonlit theme, then this is the only theme for you.


Smiling Skull

Created by: Primavera77
Download: Smiling Skull theme for Nokia N8 (2115)

Halloween isn’t too far away now, well it’s actually at the end of this month (where has the time gone? Argh) and to help you get in the holiday mood we’ve got a horror themed Nokia N8 theme for you to enjoy.

If you’re a fan of Halloween and the whole experience behind it then this theme will probably be right up your street. It offers a hint of scare along with wonderful artistic nous – a lot of time and effort has been given to this theme as you can tell from the final result.

The theme features a skull that comes complete with an eye-patch and bandanna, reminiscent of the Pirates of The Caribbean movie. So get in the holiday mood and get your free smiling skull theme for your Nokia N8 today.


Autumn Love

Created by: Sam1374
Download: Autumn Love theme for Nokia N8 (1639)

So, the Autumn is finally here with Winter and Christmas just around the corner and we have found a really awesome Autumn-style theme for you to download and enjoy to give your Nokia N8 some style, personalisation and something a bit different.

The theme features a huge tree with plenty of golden, falling leaves – with a loved-up couple at the centre of this master piece. If you’re a fan of Autumn, then this theme will definitely give your Nokia N8 an extra-special look and feel.

If you download any of these themes, please let us know how it is running on your Nokia N8 and if you’ve found any great themes on your travels, let us know.