3D World Gaze for Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 just gets better and better as each day passes and with new updates coming our way such as Anna, what is there not to like? Okay, except the extraordinarily long wait – but other than that… The clever guys over at Betalabs have put together another beta product for us, this time in the form of 3D World Gaze – sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well that’s probably because it is.

What is it? Well it’s an augmented reality application that allows the user to ‘see through’ the earth and the entire planet below your feet – an excellent concept for those of us who are curious about these types of things. Along with the geographical features such as having countries in their actual physical locations, the Nokia 3D World Gaze app even lets you geotag your photos, has day and night regions, gives the current location of the sun and a bunch of other content from various locations around the world.

As it’s only an experimental app, I would assume that if the Betalabs team decided to keep developing the Nokia 3D World Gaze it would develop further in terms of the content available and it could potentially turn in to a must have application for your Nokia N8.

In the meantime, check out the video below and even download it to check it out!

Download: Nokia 3D World Gaze

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