High definition gaming on Nokia N8

5 free HD games for Nokia N8

Assassin’s Creed HD

Assassins Creed HD offers an extensive set of levels that significantly differ from each other in many respects – there are 23 highly detailed levels in total that you must master before you can say that you’ve completed the game. With rich graphics, immersive gameplay and a game that revolutionised console gaming, this is a must have for any Assassins Creed fan.

Tetris HD

Tetris is a legendary old school game that is popular across the world many times over and it’s available on your Nokia N8, in HD I may add. The game has been played and loved by over 60 million players and with new added features compared to its original and 3 new variants that suit both the casual and pro players a-like, this game is perfect for your mobile.

Worms HD

True to its original, Worms HD for the Nokia N8 is a wonderful show-piece of old-school gaming mixed with new, updated and HD graphics. In what is probably one of the most popular turn-based games in the world, this strategy game will keep you hooked for hours with classic weapons like the Banana Bomb and multiple skill levels to keep you coming back for more. A blast from the past mixed with HD graphics, what more could you ask for?

GT Racing: Motor Academy HD

A fairly new game to the market that won’t disappoint. Immerse yourself in the world of Motor Academy with a mass of licensed content including in excess of 100 cars to choose from with the worlds most famous manufacturers included, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Win cups and pass tests to prove your worth in the world of motoring. You can choose from 14 different tracts and well as urban or even rally tracks – with rich graphics and tonnes of cars and tracks to choose from, this game will keep you coming back for more, especially if you’re a racing fan.

Monopoly Classic HD

A nostalgic classic, Monopoly is finally here in HD for the Nokia N8 and best of all, it’s totally free of charge. With all of the original locations, tokens and rules, the game recreates a classic and brings it to your mobile. Whilst it has been on the Ovi Store for some time now, it’s only recently been given as a free offing. The game features the game boards fresh new look that was introduced in 2008.