Get social on Nokia N8

5 Free social networking apps

The Nokia N8 is a great phone to use especially when it comes to social-networking. The ability to effortlessly use the web on the Nokia N8 makes it well suited for social-networking on-the-go, or even whilst you’re not on the go in fact. We’ve found some of the best free social apps that can be found on the Ovi Store, which will hopefully let you keep up with your social life on-the-go.

As you’ll see, there are everyones favourites such as Facebook and even social networks that are currently on the up like Foursquare, which lets you share your location with your friends and other websites. Keep reading to see our pick of the best.


You may think from first glance that Socially is just another typical Facebook or Twitter client, however it offers something different to the others by tapping in to your social networks alongside your phones every day usage. You can keep track of your Facebook and Twitter pages, along with LinkedIn all from the same client – plus you can get all your CallerID settings when your friends contact you or update their account – sync with ease.


Pixelpipe lets you share your photos, videos and other files to over 75 different social networks and web services to get the word out to your favourite social network as easily as possible. You probably won’t even use 10 of the 75, but it’s useful for those who do use a varied number of websites.

WhatsApp Messenger

On a 3G or WiFi connection, you can turn your WhatsApp Messenger in to an instant and totally free mobile messaging platform. So changing over from your typical SMS (especially for those on PAYG) this is a great free alternative to save you some extra money. The only bad part is that the receiver needs the app too, but it’s free, so why not?

Fring – Free videocalls, Calls and IM

The free Fring app gives you free video calls, voice calls and live chat to your Fring buddies and friends on other social networks and services such as MSN Messenger, Google Talk and more.


This useful little app groups all of your social-networking essentials in one place, so no need to mess around with each network with a different application – meaning more social networking time for you – never a bad thing, eh?

If we’ve missed must-have applications on this page, let us know which social-networking apps you can’t be without.