8 Reasons to upgrade to Symbian Belle

You may already be loving the new Symbian Anna, Nokia’s latest version of the Symbian^3 operating system, however their latest operating system release for our beloved Nokia N8 mobile phones is imminent and we’ve collated a number of different reasons as to why you should be updating your handset to the powerful operating system, Symbian Belle – well, Nokia have renamed the operating system to Nokia Belle.

I’m not sure about you guys but the Nokia N8 blew me away with its great usability and amazingly crystal clear 12-megapixel camera along with other excellent features – the build quality too was jaw-dropping. Coming close to a year and a half later the phone is still the best camera-phone on the market at the moment.

Beautiful new design
The latest release will be a fine-tune of the already great design of Symbian Anna, however Nokia Belle will give us an ever cleaner and brighter user interface, hopefully making it easier to use and keeping it looking absolutely gorgeous with its fresh, crisp new look.

More home screens
Nokia have decided to double the number of home screens from three to six, this gives the user more freedom to have their phone set up in a way that they’re happy with – better usability, it’s a win-win.

Everything in one place
With the addition of the new status bar and notifications tab, Belle will allow you to see information such as missed calls, text messages, reminders and so forth which is easily accessible – information at your fingertips.

Easier to navigate
A range of great, handy new navigation tools can be found at the bottom of the soon-to-be Nokia Belle interface, this allows you, the user, to navigate your way around your Nokia N8 handset faster than you’ve ever been able to before.

New built-in applications
With Nokia Belle comes the addition of some built-in applications as standard, which include some awesome business tools – your Nokia N8 will be more powerful and useful than it has ever been before.

Better lock screen
If your Nokia N8 is locked and you still want to access information with ease, that’s no problem, the new lock screen is packed with information that can be viewed in a glance. A great addition to the operating system.

Real multitasking
Curious as to what applications are running or what they’re doing? Not to worry as Nokia Belle gives you live multitasking so you can see exactly what’s running on your phone, or what’s going on, exactly when you want.

Greater social experience
With the great new handy social network widget on the Belle home screen you will be able to view friends updates in a matter of seconds without of ever having to open the application – handy!

You’ll only have to wait a matter of a month or so before you can get your hands on this wonderful new update, however if you live in the US it may be a different story. Hopefully Nokia have bucked up their ideas since the last fiasco and you’ll see the update on your handsets next month.

Are you excited for the new Nokia Belle and if so, what feature(s) are you most looking forward to?