Nokia N8 camera

A closer look at the Nokia N8′s camera

The awesome 12 mega-pixel camera is the centre-piece of the latest Nokia N8 mobile phone and now we shall delve into the phones ‘ camera capabilities and some reasons behind it.

The first thing people may have noticed about the phone is that there seems to be a lack of cover for the Nokia’s powerful camera lens and this omission is apparently due to the limitations that a lens cover would place on other components, such as the loudspeaker and flash.

With the lack of lens cover, how have Nokia compensated for this? Well, they have coated the glass of the lens with a scratch-resistant layer and the glass itself over the lens is reinforced by having several layers of glass.

Some had questioned Nokia’s choice of a 12 megapixel image sensor when a 10 megapixel alternative might have seemed to be a more sensible option; however Nokia were quick to answer with their reasoning.

Damian Dinning, the man behind the Nokia N86 said on Nokia Conversations blog: “With the N8, we didn’t want to go backwards from the N86 8MP, only forwards [I'm referring to performance rather than megapixels], but we also need to be competitive in the industry.”

Dinning added: “For these reasons, we concluded the only way forward was to do this properly and that meant using the biggest sensor ever in a mobile.”

Both the sensor and the pixels are currently the best available for a smartphone and it should mean that the photo’s taken in low-light will be superior than in handsets such as the Apple iPhone, where pictures appear with a green tint when taken in such conditions.

The integrated shutter in the Nokia N8 is in itself a very valuable asset as it is mechanical as opposed to digital, meaning image distortion will be less of an issue due to the lack of shaking on the lens.

Whether the camera in itself will make the Nokia N8 a popular handset remains to be seen, but with the imminent release of the handset we shall all find out for ourselves.