Angry Birds Mine and Dine Nokia N8

Angry Birds Mine and Dine for Nokia N8

Yep, that’s right. Rovio are readying an update for us Nokia N8 users in the form of a new episode to its ever popular Angry Birds franchise. As with all previous new episodes that have been released the game will maintain its current theme of obliterating housings with your well, angry birds, to defeat the freakishly annoying green pigs. As you may have guessed from the title, this episodes sees the pigs take to the underground in the mines and where the pigs go, our beloved birds go too.

As per the video below you will notice that some of the pigs come equipped with miners helmets and pickaxes and tonnes of loose boulders, wooden beams and the other usual objects you normally find along the way. What’s more, there are new objects such as gems which are seen in the video, hanging inside a box – this probably means extra points for smashing gems, but that’s only an assumption.

As usual, this update will be totally free of charge to Angry Birds owners on the Nokia N8 – yay.

Do you still love Angry Birds and are you still looking forward to future releases, or is the game becoming somewhat stagnent for you? We’d like to hear your feedback on the matter.