Angry Birds Rio for Nokia N8

Angry Birds Rio coming to Nokia N8

As you may have already heard, 20th Century Fox have joined forces to create a brand new game, Angry Birds Rio, which will be available on the Nokia N8 on 8th April, will feature 45 brand new dedicated levels based on the highly-anticipated motion picture.

Apparently, there will be regular updates lined up to give more content and obviously levels. The game will be available for not only Symbian^3 devices, but also other tablets and smart phones around the world – it wouldn’t even be too surprising if we see it hit the Mac store shortly after release to the general smart phone market.

For those who are not familiar with Angry Birds, it’s a game where you literally fling Angry Birds at the enemy via a catapult, with the enemy being green pigs that taunt you and often times steal your eggs. Your job is to destroy the housings that surround the pigs and then finally get to the pigs and destroy them, before they cause more harm to your birdie friends.

The game is amazingly simple yet amazingly addictive, which is one of the many reasons that the game has topped the app and game charts ever since it was released, which seems so long ago now. Hell, Angry Birds have even had their own primetime advertisement slot on television – so big their success.

As the video below shows, the Angry Birds are shuffled off to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, via helicopter for a visit to a dark cave. The birds escape their cages and also their captors along with hundreds of other birds suffering the unimaginable fate.