Angry Birds Seasons for Nokia N8

Angry Birds Seasons now available on Nokia N8

A while ago we wrote about the Christmas version of Angry Birds coming to the Nokia N8, which is aptly named Angry Birds Seasons and can now be downloaded to your Nokia N8 mobile phone. Rovio have finally released the game to Symbian^3 devices, having initially releasing it a few weeks ago for the iPhone and Android devices.

If you don’t know what Angry Birds is and you’re a veteran gamer, you should be ashamed. Angry Birds is the biggest and best game of this year, with the developer raking in millions from one game alone – not bad for a game that’s only available for mobile devices; though apparently Angry Birds will be coming to consoles in 2011.

Angry Birds Seasons comes with a Christmas version of the game and also a Halloween version, so you’re not only getting one holiday themed game, your getting two within one application. This not only makes for great value for money but also keeps you hooked to your Nokia N8 for all those times that you’re sitting around bored, or even on way to college or work.

With this game, it’s your mission to destroy the green pigs in way you can, using a variety of different birds that each have their own special ability. You fling them across your screen and use strategy to topple the defences surrounding the pigs (if there are any) and progress through the levels.

You are given one new level per day, in an advent calendar style. So when it’s a new day in December, leading up to Christmas, you will be given the opportunity to defy the evil green pigs and progress your way through to Christmas Day using skill and strategy.

If you love Christmas along with strategic games, then this game will definitely be up your street. If you want to get your hands on Angry Birds Seasons, then head on over to the Ovi Store or click here.

Price: €1.50 / £1.50
Download: Angry Birds Seasons for Nokia N8