Angry Birds theme for Nokia N8

Looking for an awesome Angry Birds theme for your Nokia N8 mobile phone? Then look no further. This Angry Birds theme for Nokia N8 handsets was created by Sam1347, who often creates classic themes such as these for the latest mobile phones.

Angry Birds has fast become the most played and popular mobile game of recent times and with the extra sales of their Christmas version of the game this month, it can only add to their popularity. If you haven’t already played it on yours, or even a friends mobile phone, you’re definitely missing out – on a LOT.

This particular Angry Birds theme features the red Angry Bird on the home screen, with a classic Angry Birds back-drop. Other than the home screen, all of the other screens are themed dark in colour with a deep red colour that blend seamlessly.

If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, then you will definitely love this theme, no questions. Check out the preview of the theme below and if you want to download it, click the download link above the theme preview.

Download: Angry Birds theme for Nokia N8 (2133)