Traveling the world with a Nokia N8

Around the world traveling captured on Nokia N8

Follow Patrick Walsh as he navigates his way around the world and documenting, communicationg and interacting with interested people around the world via only mobile phones – and from next month, a Nokia N8 to be precise.

Since May 2007, patrick has traveled the world using only a mobile phone to meet all of his requirements, from camera to email to alarm clock, he uses his phone to his full advantage.

Mobile phones change a lot over the years and now his old phone, an incomparable Nokia phone of four years old, he is going to go back on his travels next month with a Nokia N8 to further collate images and experiences for his book and exhibition.

This time will be a little different, Patrick will be using the full functionality of his Nokia N8 to allow the world to follow his every step as he travels across the globe on a one man mission.

He plans to let anyone across the world interact with his locations and let them follow his updates via Facebook, Twitter and such as he utilises the full experience of a mobile phone to interact with the watching onlookers. He will be traveling to places of interest, to-do’s and whatever else the phone and the apps allows him to do.

Check out his Facebook or Twitter as he posts pictures, videos, Tweets, status updates, current location, must-see’s and even probably asking the watching world help along the way.

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