AR Drones for the Nokia N8

Augmented reality drone for Nokia N8

It doesn’t seem long ago that playing Pong on your TV was the best thing since sliced bread, but with the advances in technology and in particular in the last 10 years, it’s not possible to control a drone straight from your Nokia N8 with a live video feed – so you don’t even have to be in the same room as your menacing drone. Fly your drone around as though your a cyborg coming to take over the human race, menace your friends and family with technology that is truly astounding.

The video below demonstrates the power of the Nokia N8 and the A.R. drone, which are a very costly product but they’re really awesome never the less. The ability to fly a drone without even having to be in the same room is something of an excellent novelty, especially when you can see what your drone sees straight from your Nokia N8. In the future, there will be a battle version of the A.R. drone for the Nokia N8, however you can see exactly how it works below with the iPhone, which is currently available.

Not only can you fly your drone, but you can even battle it against other A.R. drones using your mobile phone with the use of the awesome technology that we call augmented reality, which is fastly become the new in-thing in todays market. You’ll slowly notice that more and more developers will adopt this technology in the Ovi Store – we will write a piece about the best and upcoming augmented reality apps for the Nokia N8 soon, but for now check out the videos below to see what the possibilities are with the A.R. drone and with the augmented reality technology.

It’s a shame that iPhone users get this kinda stuff before us, but it won’t be long until we too can battle our drones like something from a Sci-Fi movie, or rather Star Wars. You can still get your hands on a A.R. drone for the Nokia N8, however you need a few hundred pounds or euro before you can get your hands on one – if you do fancy getting one, head on over to the Ovi Store to get the application that controls your drone.

Here’s a demo of the A.R. drones on the iPhone, battling it out using the augmented reality technology.

If you’ve got your hands on one of these awesome drones, let us know what you think of it – or if you haven’t, let us know how you’d use your drone – would you use it to terrorise your friends, or something more sinister, such as spying on your neighbours? We hope not!