CameraPro Nokia N8 Update

A few months ago I wrote a review of Camera Pro for N8 Geeks. Since then a number of changes have been made to the app, some more obvious than others, so I have decided to write a part two here. The simplest way to order this update is by feature menu. To save you having to read the original review alongside th… Read more

Nokia N8 HDR Photo Camera Review

Within my previous Camera Pro review I mentioned HDR Photo Camera as the alternative option for taking High Dynamic Range images on a Nokia Symbian^3 device, or more specifically the Nokia N8.

The main difference you will see between HDR Photo Camera and Camera Pro is the later is an all encompassing… Read more

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Nokia N8 Camera Pro review

A couple of weeks ago a twitter follower asked me if there was a HDR app available for Nokia N8, with it’s impressive 12Mpix Carl Zeiss lens. For this review I am focussing on Camera Pro, based on the impressive toolbox it provides alongside the it’s batch photography capability. Want to win ONE of FIVE copies of this product that we’re giving away in a contest? Simply read through the rest of this review.

The shear quantity of options within Camera Pro has caused me headaches writing this review as to how I structure it. I have ended up basing it on the menu screens within the app, so here goes. After a little searching I found a couple of apps, namely:

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