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Nokia N8 camera

Why is the Nokia N8 still the best camera phone on the market?

When the phone was first announced, way back in October of last year, it set a new standard for mobile phones. The camera, in particular, was something that hadn’t yet been seen in the market for simple cell phones in the United States. Our question is: a year later, can the Nokia N8 still withsta… Read more

Symbian Anna confirmed

Nokia N8 available in the USA

At long last the update all Americans have been waiting for has finally landed on their Nokia N8 smartphones. The update comes after a long time in waiting with American users waiting months longer than the rest of the world – yep, you can always rely on Nokia for some controversy. Although the u… Read more

still no Symbian Anna for USA

Symbian Anna still not released in USA

Yep, believe it or not our poor friends across the pond in the USA are still yet to receive their update of Symbian Anna for the Nokia N8. The reason for the lack of update has been shrouded in mystery and nobody quite knows exactly what the delay is or why – however a few people have been told various… Read more

Millionaire City for Nokia N8

Millionaire City for Nokia N8

The game Millionaire City isn’t new, it has been around for quite some time now which is mainly thanks to the likes of Facebook. It is now available for free on the Ovi Store which offers us the chance for Nokia N8 users to see what it is all about. The game is simply, you build and earn money trying to… Read more

Nokia N8 camera update

Nokia N8 camera update incoming

As we all know the latest Symbian Belle update did a lot to update the camera software, which was great, however Nokia are about to go one step further with yet another update aimed at improving several different parts of the camera’s software. The update can be accessed through Beta Labs at the… Read more

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