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fMobi Facebook app for Nokia N8

Facebook app for the Nokia N8

We all love Facebook (okay, some of us don’t) as it’s a great way to keep up with the goings on of our friends, family, colleagues and is even being used as a source for people to find out information on products, events and other such things. Keeping up to date with friends in another part of… Read more

Symbian Anna now available

Symbian Anna is now available

After waiting for what now seems a lifetime, it appears that Anna is finally being rolled out incrementally across Nokia’s Symbian^3 handsets. As is normal for Nokia, the updates are being rolled out on a product code by product code basis, somewhat annoying when you consider that companies… Read more

Another Nokia N8 stop animation

Possibly the best Nokia N8 shot stop animation yet?

The Nokia N8 is still the best camera phone on the market regardless of what anyone says, so if you were making a stop animation movie that involved the use of a camera phone, which one would you choose? The Nokia N8, of course.

The 12 megapixel Nokia N8 has again be used for an epic stop movie animation, th… Read more

Gravity guy for Nokia N8

Gravity Guy for Nokia N8

Miniclip not too long ago released another title for the Nokia N8 in the form of Gravity Guy. If you like the older generation of 2D platform titles then Gravity Guy will probably be just for you. It’s part of the newer generation ‘one finger’ games, which as stated needs just one fi… Read more

Nokia N8 price cut

Nokia N8 to get price cut

If you’ve not yet got your hands on a Nokia N8 yet, then there’s good news for you. The Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices are to have their prices cut by 15% in the very near future – however these price cuts are aimed at the European market, in an attempt for Nokia to try and regain so… Read more

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