Auto Trader Mobile for Nokia N8

Auto Trader Mobile app for Nokia N8

Auto Trader Mobile could mean the difference between you buying that car you’ve always wanted, or missing out on an amazing opportunity – so those of you who own a Nokia N8 and are in the market for a new vehicle, then this is just what you need to help you with that process.

The Auto Trader Mobile is simply a mobile phone version of the popular Auto Trader’s website where you can browse and buy from thousands of different used cars and motorbikes. The app makes looking for a second-hand vehicle much easier and faster than ever before, it also comes packed with all the stuff you would expect from their website.

The application is designed to work with all Nokia smartphones and has cool features such as having the ability to search the full listings to find used cars and bikes, either basic or advanced search methods. If you find a vehicle that you’re interested in, you can simply call the seller straight from within the app, flick through images, read car specifications or even use the Garage function, which allows you to save it for later.

If you decide to download the app for your Nokia N8 mobile phone, follow these instructions; tap Yes to allow connection to the network, the app should now retrieve listings of the used vehicles from the Auto Trader website. A great functionality with this application is its ability to call the seller from within the app, it’s not a major selling point, but can certainly make the difference between getting your vehicle or not.

Just like their website, you can select from a number of pre-defined search criteria, which have drop down menus for the vehicle model and make. There is also the ability to choose a distance that you’re willing to travel to pick up the car, set a minimum price and even a maximum price – pretty neat.

The advanced search option allows you to check out other details about the vehicles – such as the engine and transmission type, the ability to search for keywords, the mileage and private or trade sales. This comes in very handy as you can imagine, as there are lots of people look for such specific cars with specific requirements.

What makes things a little easier too, is the use of technology in the Auto Trader Mobile app, which will determine your location via the in-built GPS chip within the Nokia N8 – no need to enter your postcode repeatedly when selecting a distance.

The Auto Trader Mobile is, all-in-all, a great application and a very useful one at that. You’re not likely to use this app often, unless of course you’re buying and selling vehicles for a living. With that said though, it’s not only free but can even mean the difference of having your dream car or sulking in self-pitty.

Price: FREE
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