Rseven backup service for Nokia N8

Backup software for Nokia N8

If you want to back-up the contents on your Nokia N8, such as your SMS, MMS, Contacts, Audio, Video, Call Logs and Image, then this application will do just that. Rseven is a premium backup service, however there is also a free version available that offers up-to 50mb of data storage on the Rseven servers.

You get a total quota of 50mb at the start of each calendar month and there is also a 50mb file size limit, which for a free back-up service isn’t too bad, at all.

With 50mb of free data starage, it’s more than sufficient for backing up your SMS/MMS/Contact List and small audio/video/image files.

Rseven is totally ad-free, so those sometimes annoying and pesky adverts wont delude your experience with the application. You can purchase the paid-for Rseven PRO, which offers up to 500mb of data space for as little as €3.00 / £3.00 per month.

The application even includes a call recorder, that records any outgoing or incoming phone call either automatically or via user preference by changing the settings as desired. The audio is recorded to AMR format, which is generally a good codec that is optimised for good quality and low on disk space usage.

What’s more, the Rseven app will even automatically backup your phone, so you can live without any worries or hassle about backing up your Nokia N8.

The application has a fluid and easy-to-use GUI, making the whole backing up process much more pleasurable and less like a chore. Once you have installed this handy app, you can set up a web account within the application, which brings with a few extra cool features such as the ability to analyse your activity on the phone through a number of different parameters – even check how many times you have interacted with another telephone number over a period of time.

If you wan a simple, free backup service for your Nokia N8, then this is definitely it.

Price: FREE
Download: Rseven backup service for Nokia N8 (2091)