Bejeweled Twist for Nokia N8

Bejeweled Twist on Nokia N8

Bejeweled is an addictive puzzle game created by Popcap and is very popular among Facebook and non-Facebook users alike. This time the game comes in a new form, aptly named Bejeweled Twist and is available on your Nokia N8 mobile phone.

Whilst the game isn’t like your regular Facebook or iPhone version of the game (Bejeweled Blitz), it’s definitely just as exciting and as fun. It’s a totally new way to play your favourite Bejeweled game from your mobile.

In Bejeweled Twist on the Nokia N8, you can rotate your tiles in a circle, which naturally allows for tiles to be moved right across the board if you require it. Not only this, but there are a large number of unusual tiles that spice up the gameplay, which includes timebombs and other hazardous tiles.

You can choose from four game modes: Classic, which is the main mode, Zen, which is a game where you, well, can’t lose… There’s Challenge where the screen becomes more difficult to deal with and there’s Blitz, where you must score as many points as possible before the timer runs out.

Price: €3.00 / £3.00
Download: Bejeweled Twist for Nokia N8