Top 5 Nokia N8 Games

Best games for Nokia N8

If you’re one of those lucky few who have their hands on a Nokia N8, then we have a few games for you to pass the time and gives your Nokia N8 phone that extra bit of awesomeness.

If, like us, you love gaming on your mobile phone then you’re in for a treat. Gaming on the mobile phone is excellent for a number of reasons, especially the fact that you can play games, even your favourite games, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing – be it on the bus to work, on the train or even if you’re chilling out at home.

So here are the games that come highly recommended by N8Geeks;

Angry Birds – Strategy

What? A game involving birds? What on earth! In this game you literally use small, large and positively very angry birds as your choice of weapon to defeat the arch enemies – the green pigs. The enemy has stolen your eggs and it’s your mission to reclaim them using your various artillery (or should I say birds).

You fire your birds from the left side of the screen into various structures with the aim of the game to kill each and every green pig that is on your screen in order to progress to the next level.

Compete against thousands upon thousands of other people with online leader boards, or if you’re anything like me, even compete against your friends to see who’s the best Angry Bird-ee. This game will give you many hours of fun, strategic planning and tonnes of excitement – all for free.

This particular version is only a small, free version – which has with it 6 unique and fun levels. The full game is due to be released soon on the Nokia N8, so keep your eyes peeled.

Price: FREE
Download: Angry Birds on Nokia N8

Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD – Arcade

Many people will have heard of the ever-popular Guitar Hero franchise, widely available for consoles and this game is very little different. You tap your way to rhythm-king with this seriously addictive music rhythm game.

If you’re a fan of rock music and do have a sense of rhythm (it’s probably going to be difficult if you don’t) then this game is for you. You can choose to either become and world-renowned drummer or a guitarist; you will be travelling the globe and perform on the most famous concert stages with your new found band.

The aim of the game is to tap the screen to the beat of the specified song. If you miss-time the tap, you’ll know about it – the crowd will grow with unrest and, eventually, boo you off if you’re timing isn’t up to scratch.

Do you have the rhythm to successfully complete all of the songs with the likes of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Call Me”, “Paranoid” and lots more. Take up the challenge and become the master of your guitar and drums, there is no second best.

Price: €7.00 / £6.00
Download: Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD on Nokia N8

10PM – Action

The dead are rising from their graves after a deadly zombie-like virus managed to escape from a secret government laboratory. After a botched attempt to cover up the incident, it’s up to you to defend your ground from a possible zombie invasion in this awesomely addictive game.

In your typical zombie outbreak storyline, the government has been secretly creating new viruses to be used as weapons, but something went disastrously wrong and broke free from government hands.

The result of this; zombies that come out at 10PM – and they quite literally do. If you attempt to play the game before 10PM you will be confronted with a pink, tadpole-like ‘thing’, with the goal of collecting other similar versions of yourself.

Start the game up at 10PM and you’ll be confronted with blood-thirsty zombies and your goal is to kill them before the escape the reaches of your crossbow – every time one of them manage to escape your reaches, you will lose health. The zombies come across your screen in an attempt to reach the other side, your job is to stop them with your explosive laden crossbow – how else do you kill a zombie?

If you want to play the game before 10PM, luckily you can. Just simply quit and touch the ever shining sun. Either that or do it the long-winded way and set the time of your phone to 10PM.

Price: FREE
Download: 10PM on Nokia N8

Real Football 2010 HD – Sports / Football

Real Football 2010 HD is, as you would probably imagine, a football game for hand-held devices. The game is a benchmark set for mobile football games and is available on many operating systems, including the likes of the iPhone and of course the Nokia N8.

Do you have the skills to overcome the best teams in club football? You can choose from 245 teams in over 7 leagues and almost every player on the World’s best football stages – all thanks to the FIFPro license obtained by its’ developers.

There are 14 unique stadiums with excellent detail in 3D as you tackle, slide and shoot your way to victory thanks to the intuitive and simplistic touch screen controls, which include a directional touch pad that allows for that perfectly precise pass that could down and out the best of teams.

If you’re a football fan, be it gaming or not, this game will be perfect for you. With the great graphics and huge array of teams and players, there is plenty to keep you occupied during those nagging and boring bus journeys to work.

Price: €4.00 / £3.00
Download: Real Football 2010 HD on Nokia N8

Tetris – Arcade

Tetris is an old-school classic, especially if you’ve ever owned a Gameboy back in the day (surely i’m not that old that i’m the only one who remembers it). The game has been played and enjoyed by over 60 million players and with new added features, this game is perfect for your Nokia N8.

The aim of this game is to fit pre-defined free-falling shapes that come from the top of the screen, to the bottom of the screen. Each time you make a line with these shapes, that specific line will dissapear from the screen. If you don’t manage to correctly fit the shapes into the bottom of the screen, it will be game over. You don’t want your shapes to stack on each other, rather fit them in like a jigsaw.

If you’re a Tetris newbie or a hardened veteran, this game will probably keep your entertained for hours upon hours.

Price: €7.00 / £6.00
Download: Tetris on Nokia N8

Crazy Hamster Lite – Adventure

Crazy Hamster Lite is an adventure game where you assume role of crazy hamster, who has forgot to store his supplies for the coming winter. Not to worry though, as you will be visiting different lands to collect them all before the harsh winter sets in.

It’s not as quite as easy as that though, as you will have to keep your eyes peeled for various traps and obstacles that are put in place to keep your from completing your target – collecting all his food across these various lands.

You have to neutralize and stop these menacing traps and even help the hamster build bridges to pass gaping holes, extinguish fires and even using ladders to make him move faster. This game will definitely please those that love adventure games, so get your hands on it now – best of all, it’s free.

Price: FREE
Download: Crazy Hamster Lite on Nokia N8

Galaxy on Fire – Action / Adventure

Galaxt on Fire is a multiple award-winning sci-fi adventure that is finally available for Symbian devices, in particular in this case the Nokia N8. It brings with it significantly better graphics, touch and motion controls, high-quality sound and an awesome new survival mode.

You are in a huge galaxy of hundreds of planets (500 to be exact) and space stations with your aim being to defeat all the enemy spacecraft that you come across. Upgrade your ship in order to battle with the better, faster and stronger enemies and you progress.

You assume control of Mr Maxell, a mercenary in control of a spacecraft that is destined to fight against the alien Vossk. You will be fighting against 10 different species, from humanoids to aliens, cyborgs and many others in a totally awesome game.

Price: FREE
Download: Galaxy on Fire on Nokia N8

Avatar HD – Action

Delve deeper into the spectacular and unique world of James Cameron’s Avatar and get ready for a journey of discovery and redemption, which is sent two decades prior to the events in the epic film.

You will assume command of Captain Ryan Lorenz and put your conciousness into the body of a human-Na’vi hybird and become the very first Avatar. Fight for survival in epic and tense action sequences against the beasts and carnivorous plants. In the height of the battle, you will take to the skies of Pandora on a banshee in awesome shoot’em up sequences.

Plan your own future as you put your new powers to use either saving the Na’vi or work with the humans to destroy the Na’vi’s World forever. The game is rich in content and has very impressive graphics that fit and look perfect on the Nokia N8 – if you’re an Avatar fan or even if you’re new to the whole Avatar excitement, get yourself involved and immersed into their World.

Price: €4.00 / £3.00
Download: Avatar HD on Nokia N8

Need for Speed Shift – Sports / Racing

The World’s #1 franchise has finally hit the Nokia N8. Get on the circuit in the fastest, hottest and most enviable cards in the World. You will be flying through the streets of London, Italy, Dubai and other countries in 24 awesome street and pro-racing tracks and events. Your goal is to race, out-speed and beat the top 3 racing drivers in the World.

If you’ve ever played the game before on an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 and enjoyed it, then this is probably a game for you. The graphics on this game are also beautifully illustrated and very well presented, with different cars to choose from and lots of intense events to pit your new-found skills against the opposition.

Price: FREE
Download: Need for Speed Shift on Nokia N8

If you’ve downloaded any of these awesome games then let us know what you think and if you have any other games to share with our readers then leave a comment below.