Bounce Doing Battle for Nokia N8

Bounce Doing Battle Nokia N8 review

Bounce is a game that has been around for quite a few years now and it’s a cult classic on most mobile phones – i remember even having it on the old Nokia phones of yesteryear such as the Nokia 5800. Now it’s available on the Nokia N8 and with the multiplayer mode, it makes for epic encounters against your foes (eh, i mean friends) or anyone else with a Nokia N8.

Bounce Doing Battle is an excellent multiplayer game that is published by Rovio Mobile, the creators of Angry Birds is released in association with the Ovi Store and is available on Symbian^3, S60^5 operating systems. You can play the game via two different phones using Bluetooth – the great thing is you can even play against a friend who doesn’t have a Nokia N8 – all they need is a phone that is compatible and has the game installed and be a touch-based device. For example you can happily play the game with the Nokia N8 and Nokia 5800.

The graphics are great considering and the gameplay has great replay value, especially as you will be playing against your friends and if you’re anything like us at N8 Geeks, you will always want to win any challenge put before you. After playing the game Nokia N8 vs Nokia N8, it’s easy to see why the game is so potentially addictive – great graphics and easy to play. The only downside to the game is that it feels as though it has a slight lag, however this may be different from device to device; it’s worth noting that you probably won’t even notice any potential lag, but i seem to have a keen eye for lag-related situations – more of a hindrance to me than anything else.

The game is fairly simple to figure out, but hard to master. You need to install the game on both devices and launch it and will ask for Bluetooth to be activated, simply tap yes. There are two options on the main screen, one to Create and the other to Join game. So Player 1 creates a game and Player 2 joins the already existing game – you will see a status message on-screen explaining which user(s) are connected to the game, though this probably isn’t really needed considering your friend is sitting right next to you.

When choosing a level on the level selector screen you need to ensure that both players select the same level on both devices. Once you have done this the game will begin on both devices. The aim of the game is to simply prevent the opponent from scoring a ‘goal’ on your phone. You slide your finger across the screen which will then draw a line as you dictate, the ball cannot cross this line and bounces off it. So, to precent your opponent from scoring you need to draw a line before the ball enters it and it will be redirected to your opponents side of the screen – well, the other screen.

The obvious downside to Bounce Doing Battle for the Nokia N8 is that it’s only available as a multiplayer game, meaning you cannot play the game alone – which is quite annoying; however considering the game is free of charge to download, you can hardly complain. It would be excellent though if they added a computer controlled opponent, making it possible to play when your friends aren’t around.

Multiplayer gaming on mobile phones is a wonderful invention and if you’re anything like us, you will absolutely love this game. Bounce Doing Battle is a well designed game that syncs wonderfully over Bluetooth especially during pauses in the gameplay (i.e. if you or your friend need a pee for example). What makes this game even more wonderful is that it’s possible to play against friends who have other Nokia phone models other than Symbian^3 and it work absolutely seamlessly. To download the game scroll down.

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