Burn the Rope for Nokia N8

Burn The Rope for Nokia N8

Burn the Rope for the Nokia N8 is a newly introduced strategic title to the Ovi Store and like games such as Angry Birds et al, it’s one of those games that once you pick it up, you find it hard to put it back down again. The concept is simple and very fun to play yet difficult to master as it does become more and more challenging as you slowly progress.

The aim of the game is in the name (the poetry wasn’t intended ;) ) – burn the rope as much as possible, however there’s one slight hitch – the fire will only burn upwards. Simply tap the rope where you’d like the fire to start and you have to use the in-built gyroscope to navigate the flame and ultimately keep it alive. Remember, if the phone isn’t facing upwards the flame will fizzle out spelling the end of the game.

The levels become increasingly difficult as you progress your way through the game and the ropes become more complex – oftentimes the rope will resemble some sort of real life figure, for example a planet or even a cow (or a bull, i really don’t know) as you can see from the screenshots above.

Sadly you will have to even burn a few poor little bugs along the way – each one has their own different characteristic. Scorching ants will cause the flame to become the same colour as the burned ant and toasting spiders will develop a silky bridge between the various pieces of rope. You will deal with various coloured ropes that will only burn with a same coloured flame and even beetles, which too can only be burned with the matching coloured flame.

To complete each stage you will have to at least burn 60% of the rope, for which you will receive a bronze medal and progress to the next stage. If you get good enough you could eventually clear 100% of the ropes for a gold medal, however good luck to you if you’re aiming for that on the latter levels.

One word of caution if you plan on playing this game, when you’re navigating corners and because of the way the flame will glow it may be difficult to establish whether the flame has fully turned a corner or not, which may lead to you turning too soon and fizzling out your flame. It takes time and practice figuring out how long you need to wait before you turn your phone.

Overall it’s a great game and definitely worth its price tag, so what you waiting for? Get it now.

Price: £1.50
Download: Burn the Rope for Nokia N8