Cannonball HD for Nokia N8

Cannonball HD for Nokia N8

Y’harr matey’s! Bring the arcade to your Nokia N8 with Cannonball HD, which is a new game that has arrived from the clever publishers at Polarbit. You can compete against your friends, family or whoever, as there is nothing too complicated about this game at all.

The aim is simple, tap the screen where you want each cannonball to land, and the app fires off a deadly round. As with many other arcades you need to get as many of those ever-valuable points as you can within the designated timeframe.

There is also an element of skill that is required for the game – why? Because you have to figure out for yourself the time delay of the cannon shot. You will come across various types of horizontal and bobbing travel directions of the target object. Not only this, but you also have to select a target as there are targets which you must hit – with different points for different targets, obviously you will be wanting to get the most points possible. The player also has to keep the reload time for the cannon in high regard, the number of shots fired at any given time is limited – so be careful and precise.

This basically means two things: One, the game is enjoyable for the younger generation, whilst adults can also find it challenging on a more complicated level – and – two, it also means that the elders clever strategies may not necessarily outscore the younger generations quick fingers.

The game developers have released a video, showing the games graphics and gameplay for would-be buyers.

To add another element of competition and more of a replay value, you can even create a username and upload your score – competing against the best (or worst) across the world. Global high scores always add a new element to any game and Cannonball HD for the Nokia N8 is no exception.

Price: €1.00 / £1.00
Download: Cannonball HD for Nokia N8