Screenshot app for Nokia N8

Capture screenshots on Nokia N8

Sometimes for whatever reason, we need to take a screenshot of our Nokia N8 screen to show to our friends or family and this is where Best Screen Snap for the Nokia N8 comes in useful. It’s a very simple yet effective application that does exactly what it says in the application name, it takes screenshots of your mobile phone.

Best Screen Snap for the Nokia N8 allows you to take screenshots and has lots of configurable options, such as which button actually takes the screenshot. The application isn’t native to the Nokia N8, however you can still use it on the device without any hitches – it should still be available for the N8 on the store, but it’s not, at least not yet.

You can configure settings such as the shortcut key, delay in taking the screenshot, image type (and image quality), where the images are stored (phone memory or other), the folder in which the screenshot is stored, action (whether to save or send) and even the base file name for the screenshot.

So whatever you need to take screenshots for, this application will help you achieve that and with lots of configurable options. To download, scroll down and click the Download link.

Download Best Screen Snap for Nokia N8 (10791)