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Spy spoof filmed on Nokia N8

Spy spoof footage filmed on Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 is a master-piece in mobile technology, especially where the camera and video recording quality is concerned. The sheer power of the technology used to create the camera can be seen in this video, which stars smokingly hot good looking women in a spy-spoof… Thing…

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Nokia N8 push

Nokia Push – win a Nokia N8

If you’re an imaginative person and like to create and develop your ideas, then you could stand a chance of winning one of eight Nokia N8‘s from Nokia Push. If you don’t know what Nokia Push is, it’s a project where Nokia inspire with their and other peoples mobile phone hack… Read more


Ovi Maps tips and tricks for Nokia N8

So, you may be totally new to Ovi Maps or you may even be a seasoned Ovi Map veteran – either way, we have some cool tips and tricks to share with out that you may or may not already know about on your Nokia N8. The map feature is an excellent addition to any mobile phone and certainly surpasses the usab… Read more


How to replace Nokia N8 battery

A while ago we wrote about how the Nokia N8 battery is removable by the user, despite claims by the Finnish company Nokia that it wasn’t. Now we have a walk-through of how to replace the battery yourself – though be warned, doing so may void your warranty.

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Nokia N8 launched in India

Finally, the day that many Indians have been braced for and highly anticipating is finally here (well, it was). The launch of the Nokia N8 in Mumbai, India, today seen hysterics and happiness – everything you’d expect to see at the launch of a major mobile phone.

The whole event was strea… Read more

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