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Nokia N8 Prices

As the release of the Nokia N8 looms ever closer, prices of the handset have been disclosed by Nokia. They are suggesting a price of around EUR 370 (about £260); however these prices exclude VAT – so with VAT added and taking into consideration of what other companies think it will be worth, we&#… Read more

Nokia N8 Comparisons

If you’re wondering how the Nokia N8 stands up to it’s competitors, then wonder no longer. We have an excellent mobile phone comparison tool to make comparing mobile phones as easy as it is to click the mouse – twice.

The Nokia N8 beats rivals such as the Nokia N97, Xperia X10 and the… Read more

Nokia N8 Specifications

We are nearing the official release for the Nokia N8, which is due for release around September according to sources as opposed to it’s initial release date of July and if you didn’t already know by now, the specifications can be seen below.

The new Nokia N8 mobile phone will sport a 12 meg… Read more

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