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N8 Geeks readers photographs

So last week we asked you guys (or readers) to submit your photos to us so we could share them with everyone else and we’ve had some really great submissions. As a thank you for taking the time to submit them, we decided to rather than just give one copy of CameraPro away for the best submissions, we… Read more

Nokia N8 to get 30 FPS recording

Nokia N8 to get 30fps video recording

Yep, you heard me right. The hugely popular Nokia N8 is due to get 30fps video recording without the need to ‘hack’ your phone via the various methods that are available these days. When the phone was first launched it was marketed heavily with it’s 12 megapixel camera being the ma… Read more


CameraPro Nokia N8 Update

A few months ago I wrote a review of Camera Pro for N8 Geeks. Since then a number of changes have been made to the app, some more obvious than others, so I have decided to write a part two here. The simplest way to order this update is by feature menu. To save you having to read the original review alongside th… Read more


15 awesome abstract Nokia N8 themes

Now that the Nokia N8 has been released for quite some time, it’s safe to say that Symbian^3 themes are now in abundance thanks to theme makers from websites such as Tehkseven, without these theme makers our phones will almost definitely still be, well, boring. There’s nothing better t… Read more

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N8Geeks reader photography

The Nokia N8 is capable of taking some truly astounding photographs as you’ve probably seen for yourself in the past, so we here at N8 Geeks would love it if you, our readers, sent us in some photographs that you have personally taken on your Nokia N8 to share with the rest of our readers.

We’… Read more

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