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Nokia N8 invisibleSHIELD installation

Installing InivisibleSHIELD on the Nokia N8

If you’re having issues installing your full body invisibleSHIELD on the Nokia N8, we’ve just created our first ever Youtube video demonstrating how to install it. There are tips for installation and, of course, a video outlining what you have to do and showing you how to do it.

When you… Read more

Nokia N8 tripod and stand

Nokia N8 tripod camera stand

Jay over at MyNokiaBlog has put together a must have accessory for the Nokia N8 – a tripod camera stand, which is great for shooting photos or videos without any movement, but still retaining full manoeuvrability.

There’s many images and a guide for those who want to create a relatively… Read more

Nokia N8 on-the-go USB speakers

USB speakers powered by Nokia N8

Yep, it’s true – the Nokia N8 can power USB speakers, meaning you can listen to music at a great quality and sound level whilst on-the-go thanks to Nokia’s USB on-the-go technology, pretty neat if you ask us. Many people probably didn’t think it was possible, however the vi… Read more

Nokia N8 DAB headset for Nokia N8

Nokia DAB Radio headset for Nokia N8

Nokia have now put their DAB radio headset on sale, meaning you can now listen to the DAB radio stations on your Nokia N8 mobile phone. The receiver, which allows you to listen to the radio via the headset crammed inside the headset, making for a great little yet useful package.


The Nokia N8 is great fo… Read more

Desktop cradle for Nokia N8

Chargers for Nokia N8

Charging your Nokia N8 is important at the best of times, whether it’s whilst on-the-go or whether you’re at home just lazing about – your Nokia N8 should never be deprived of battery.

If you’re at home and want to charge your phone, why not make it look good and do its job at th… Read more

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