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The best screen protectors for Nokia N8

The best screen protectors for Nokia N8

With the Nokia N8 being such a great and expensive piece of technology, you will want to keep it in tip-top condition and keep the screen scratch-free. If you’re looking for a screen protector, we have checked out a few of the best and given our thoughts on them as below.

No matter how careful you a… Read more


In-car holder for Nokia N8

After testing the Nokia CR-122 for a good while now, I can safely say that it is an excellent choice for mounting your new Nokia N8 or prospective Nokia E7 to either your windscreen or your dashboard in your car. Possibly the first thing you will notice if you ever had the Nokia N97 in-car holder, is that t… Read more

Bluetooth Nokia N8 Accessories

Connecting bluetooth keyboard and mouse to Nokia N8

Check out this video showing how to connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your Nokia N8. This is a really cool feature that could appeal to many people – although it could become tedious at times with such a small screen. It would be even more fun if you could use both of these devices whilst gamRead more

Top 5 Nokia N8 Accessories

Top 5 Nokia N8 Accessories

The Nokia N8 is causing a buzz in the mobile industry and with its soon-to-be release in Europe, we thought it would be a good idea to give you guys an insight in to the top 5 accessories for the Nokia N8.

The Nokia N8 Desktop Cradle

This particular Nokia N8 accessory is particularly popular with internet… Read more

Nokia N8 USB

Using USB stick with Nokia N8

Most phones on the market today don’t offer the possibility of accessing your USB stick on-the-go via your mobile phone, but, the Nokia N8 does. Not only does the Nokia N8 harbour the most powerful camera in a smart phone to date, but it also has a really cool feature that not many people know abou… Read more

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