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Nokia Panorama photographs

How to take Panorama Photographs on Nokia N8

If you’re a keen photographer, or even a total novice, this application will help you create the most beautiful and eye-catching photo’s possible. Nokia Panorama for the Nokia N8 allows you to take panorama photos easily at the touch of a screen.

Auto Trader Mobile for Nokia N8

Auto Trader Mobile app for Nokia N8

Auto Trader Mobile could mean the difference between you buying that car you’ve always wanted, or missing out on an amazing opportunity – so those of you who own a Nokia N8 and are in the market for a new vehicle, then this is just what you need to help you with that process.

SecretWallet for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 privacy protector

If you often get phone calls and messages from someone and don’t want another person you know see these calls or messages, but want to hide them from their view, then this app is what you need. No other person can see the phone (missed, dialled or received) calls or messages (inbox and sent items)… Read more

SoundHound for Nokia N8

SoundHound for Nokia N8

You’ve probably already heard of music recognition services such as Shazam, but this app for the Nokia N8 brings a cool new twist. Although it has already been done on the past on the iOS, this is pretty much a first for Symbian^3 devices – the ability to sing or hum a song, which will then be… Read more

Nokia Internet Radio for Nokia N8

Internet radio app for Nokia N8

Most Nokia handsets feature an integrated FM radio these days, though reception can be poor depending on your location and you’re usually limited to a set number of stations. With Nokia Internet Radio, it’s possible to listen to stations anywhere in the world from your Nokia N8.


The… Read more

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