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Facebook on Nokia N8

Most people reading this would have already heard of Facebook, but for those of you who are yet to embrace your social side on the internet; Facebook is a social platform that allows friends and family to connect, communicate and share their thoughts, interests and photographs at the touch of a butto… Read more


Pixelpipe on the Nokia N8

Many of us probably haven’t heard of Pixelpipe, but if you get your hands on the new Nokia N8, you probably will do soon. Pixelpipe liberates your media and allows you to share your images, videos, audio and what-not with the World at the touch of a few buttons – you can share your media on so… Read more

Nokia N8 Ovi Maps

Ever been on a trip somewhere and found yourself lost and without any knowledge of where you are, or more importantly, how to get back on track? Then if you’re planning on purchasing the new Nokia N8 mobile phone you should not fear, as Ovi Maps is here.

The Nokia N8 comes with lots of excellent, fu… Read more


Fring video call on Nokia N8

What is Fring? If you don’t already know, Fring is a free application/program that lets you talk to your friends and family wherever you are in the World (as long as you have internet access, of course) both via text messages and via video calling and now it seems it has come to the Nokia N8 mobile p… Read more

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