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Nokia Sleeping Screen thumb

Nokia Sleeping Screen for Nokia N8

Nokia Sleeping Screen is a new offering from the wonderful guys over at Nokia Beta Labs, which adds to their list of ever expansive and ingenious inventions for our beloved mobile phones. This time they’ve served us up another treat in the form of ‘Nokia Sleeping Screen’, which i… Read more

SoundTrckr for Nokia N8

SoundTrckr for Nokia N8

SoundTrckr for the Nokia N8 is a great and easy-to-use way to listen to and discover what music your friends, family or neighbours are listening to anywhere. With over 10 million fully licensed songs, there’s music for everyone – be it old, young, rocker, pop lover or even if you listen t… Read more

Get social on Nokia N8

5 Free social networking apps

The Nokia N8 is a great phone to use especially when it comes to social-networking. The ability to effortlessly use the web on the Nokia N8 makes it well suited for social-networking on-the-go, or even whilst you’re not on the go in fact. We’ve found some of the best free social apps that c… Read more

AR Drones for the Nokia N8

Augmented reality drone for Nokia N8

It doesn’t seem long ago that playing Pong on your TV was the best thing since sliced bread, but with the advances in technology and in particular in the last 10 years, it’s not possible to control a drone straight from your Nokia N8 with a live video feed – so you don’t even hav… Read more

Top 5 free news apps for Nokia N8

Five of the best free Nokia N8 news apps

The Nokia N8 is a very powerful device and having news at your fingertips on the phone is a must have for those of us who like to keep up with current world events, be it general news or music – there are apps out there to cater for your needs. To make the most out of it, we’ve found five of the best… Read more

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