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N8 Geeks competition winners

Micro Pool for Nokia N8 contest winners

So it’s time to reveal the winners of yet another competition over here on N8Geeks, which we absolutely love doing – so far in less than 2 months we’ve managed to give away a massive 150 EURO in prizes away and the best thing about it? Every last application we’ve given away we… Read more

Panoramic wallpaper for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Panoramic Wallpaper

Pano Wallpaper for the Nokia N8 is an application that allows you to turn a photograph or any other image in to a panoramic wallpaper. This means you can have one continuous wallpaper on your home screen, covering all 3 screens, giving it the panoramic effect and making it look sleek and stylish –… Read more

Nokia N8 Ovi Maps

Nokia N8 Ovi Maps v3.06 update

Back in September we mentioned how the Ovi Maps v3.06 beta update was available for the Nokia N8, however they have now released the update for the general public. Ovi Maps for the Nokia N8 is a great free utility that allows you to easily see their location on a map, explore the local area and check out ot… Read more

N8 Geeks competition winners

Battery Extender Pro contest winners

Last week we reviewed Battery Extender Pro for the Nokia N8 which we also announced a contest for – the winners are announced as below. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we are giving away many more paid-for applications in the coming weeks and in to the future – so far we’ve given away over €150 wort… Read more

Nokia N8 app developers chance to win a million

Nokia N8 developers to win share of $10M

Today Nokia announced a partnership with AT&T where they will offer numerous prizes that total $10,000,000 for developers on the Nokia N8 on the Qt platform. There are a number of different cash prizes and marketing prizes, with the best UI’s and graphic-intensive games being the winn… Read more

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