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High definition gaming on Nokia N8

5 free HD games for Nokia N8

Assassin’s Creed HD

Assassins Creed HD offers an extensive set of levels that significantly differ from each other in many respects – there are 23 highly detailed levels in total that you must master before you can say that you’ve completed the game. With rich graphics, immersi… Read more


Solitaire for the Nokia N8

If like me, you spent hours upon hours playing solitaire on a Windows based PC, especially when they were popular many years back, then you’re going to love this. If you didn’t already know Solitaire is a card-based game that became popular due to its inclusion in the Windows based opera… Read more

Moto X Mayhem for the Nokia N8

Moto X Mayhem for the Nokia N8

Moto X Mayhem is a side scrolling solo racing game, where you must take your motorbike across the roughest of terrain in order to get to the finish line as soon as you can. But rather than having a racetrack, this is a cross country style racer in which you get across the hilliest, bumpiest and most danger… Read more

Angry Birds Easter for Nokia N8

Angry Birds Easter for Nokia N8

That’s right, the Easter edition of the popular bird-flinging game has finally hit the Ovi Store via an update for the super fun game Angry Birds Seasons. For those who already have the Seasons app, simply open up Angry Birds Seasons and hit the ‘update’ button to enjoy Easter-th… Read more

AR Drones for the Nokia N8

Augmented reality drone for Nokia N8

It doesn’t seem long ago that playing Pong on your TV was the best thing since sliced bread, but with the advances in technology and in particular in the last 10 years, it’s not possible to control a drone straight from your Nokia N8 with a live video feed – so you don’t even hav… Read more

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