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Sparkle for Nokia N8 review

So, today we were asked if we could review Sparkle, which is a new release available for all Symbian^3 phones, such as the Nokia N8. We were, as always, obliged to review it and let you guys know exactly what we thought of the game – no gimmicks, no bias, just a totally frank look at Sparkle – c… Read more

Motti for Nokia N8

Motti for Nokia N8

Motti? What is Motti? Well, let us tell you – it’s an addictive game that you can lose hours from your day due to the addictive nature of this clever game. We received an e-mail from the developer asking if we could review the game and, we obviously obliged – any excuse for us to play ga… Read more

Lively Cubes for Nokia N8

Lively Cubes Nokia N8 review

Lively Cubes, what on earth is that? Well, it’s a game of funny and adorable characters for the Nokia N8 that need your assistance. The little fellows have been separated from their friends and been placed in a hazardous environment of a dangerous maze. The plan? To get them out of there and brin… Read more

MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8

MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8

MarvTheMiner2 has to probably be one of the strangest names we’ve come across yet for a game, but it certainly does not disappoint. You guide your little fellow, Marvin, through the cavern mines in order to collect yourself jewels and make a swift, safe exit – a great addition to the plat… Read more

Cannonball HD for Nokia N8

Cannonball HD for Nokia N8

Y’harr matey’s! Bring the arcade to your Nokia N8 with Cannonball HD, which is a new game that has arrived from the clever publishers at Polarbit. You can compete against your friends, family or whoever, as there is nothing too complicated about this game at all.


The aim is simple, tap… Read more

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