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Angry Birds theme for Nokia N8

Looking for an awesome Angry Birds theme for your Nokia N8 mobile phone? Then look no further. This Angry Birds theme for Nokia N8 handsets was created by Sam1347, who often creates classic themes such as these for the latest mobile phones.

Angry Birds has fast become the most played and popular mobil… Read more

Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD for Nokia N8

Spider-Man is finally available for your Nokia N8, however it is not yet available on the Ovi Store – but, can still be picked up from the Gameloft website from your mobile device. To find out how exactly to get your hands on this game just take a look near the end of this article.

TRON Tanks for Nokia N8

TRON Tanks for Nokia N8

TRON Tanks is a game by Disney for the Nokia N8, to celebrate the release of their new movie TRON Legacy which is out in cinemas today. The game is developed and produced by Disney and is available on the Ovi Store as a free download, which is always good.

If you’ve ever played any variation of the po… Read more

Angry Birds Seasons for Nokia N8

Angry Birds Seasons now available on Nokia N8

A while ago we wrote about the Christmas version of Angry Birds coming to the Nokia N8, which is aptly named Angry Birds Seasons and can now be downloaded to your Nokia N8 mobile phone. Rovio have finally released the game to Symbian^3 devices, having initially releasing it a few weeks ago for the iPhon… Read more

Hero of Sparta free on Nokia N8

Hero of Sparta FREE on Nokia N8

Hero of Sparta is currently available, for a limited time, totally free of charge. The game is excellent, even if you pay for it – so whilst it’s free, get your hands on it before this offer runs out. It’s available to all Nokia N8 users and everyone who loves gaming on their phones sh… Read more

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