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Nokia N8 uninstall themes and apps

Nokia N8 How to delete themes and apps

Okay, this is a pretty simple task that most people will already know about, but for those of you who are new to the Nokia N8 or just haven’t figured it out yet, we’re going to share with you how you can delete unwanted or corrupt applications and themes from your Nokia N8 with ease. Maybe you… Read more

Nokia N8 widgets

Make your Nokia N8 say callers name

The Nokia N8 never ceases to amaze and along with the ability to set customisable ringtones, you can even set your mobile phone to say the name of the caller whenever your phone rings. Whilst this isn’t new to Nokia phones, it’s a great and useful functionality that many people seem to mis… Read more

XSign for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 How to sign SIS and SISX files

Sometimes when we download and install themes and games, we get the dreaded certificate error, which is one of the most annoying errors to ever be seen on a Nokia N8 device and is caused by a lack of a security certificate. If a game has a signed certificate and this certificate has expired, we generally… Read more

Nokia N8 change wallpaper

How to add wallpaper to Nokia N8

Okay, so earlier today I was writing a new article where I had to set a new wallpaper on my Nokia N8, yet after several minutes of searching through settings I couldn’t find where I had to go to add a new wallpaper. This is usually very easy and very straightforward on most smart phones, but it seems… Read more

Nokia N8 save battery

Nokia N8 save battery life

The battery is an integral part of any mobile phone and phones that have bad battery life generally don’t last long in the consumer market or in my pocket either. To help those of you who want to squeeze as much battery out of your Nokia N8 that you can, we’ve written this article to help exte… Read more

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