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3 New Nokia N8 themes

There’s nothing quite like being able to personalise your mobile phone to look and feel how you want it to, now the Nokia N8 has 3 wonderful new themes, that are totally free of charge to download and enjoy (except the first one, they’re now charging for this, argh). Out of the 3 themes you h… Read more

Tiger Nokia N8 theme thumb

Nokia N8 Top 10 themes

The Nokia N8 is an amazing piece of hardware, so why do some people abuse their user interfaces with the boring default themes? The guys over at Tehkseven have released a blog post recently highlighting 10 of the best Nokia N8 themes that are hosted over on their site – so that’s 10 great re… Read more

Metal Android Nokia N8 theme

Nokia N8 Metal Android theme

Android is a great operating system, however it doesn’t float everyones boat, hence why you’re reading this page – but it’s mascot, the little green droid makes for an awesome Nokia N8 Theme and is a great addition to any mobile phone, whether you’re a fan of the OS or… Read more

Nokia N8 Fantasy theme

Nokia N8 Fantasy Theme

This excellent Fanyasy theme for the Nokia N8 features a 3rd person view of the world. The theme is an excellent addition to any mobile phone, particularly if you like fantasy or landscape themes – it will definitely brighten up your Nokia N8, especially if you’re using the default them… Read more

Urban nature Nokia N8 theme thumb

Nokia N8 urban nature theme

This theme, entitled Urban Nature is as it describes, it features an urban city with an excellent picturesque sky. This theme will truly light up and make the most of your Nokia N8, whilst also injecting some personality in to the phone. If like us you love nature, then this theme is for you – it al… Read more

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