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Hue Nokia N8 Theme thumb

Nokia N8 Hue Theme

This theme for the Nokia N8 is truly brilliant. It features various different colours that interlock and combine to create an excellent eye-catching theme that will keep your phone looking in tip-top condition for as long as you use it. The theme comes with both default and custom icons, which makes… Read more

Nokia N8 Desert Ship Theme thumb

Nokia N8 Desert Ship Theme

Desert Ship for the Nokia N8 is an excellent theme that puts two things together that you would never imagine could be combined and still look classic. The theme features a ship sailing the land (quite literally) as opposed to its natural way of transportation. Whilst it’s a weird combination… Read more

Nokia N8 Final Fantasy Theme thumb

Nokia N8 Final Fantasy Theme

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular RPG games of its time, with millions of players across the world and even today there are new releases of the old school Final Fantasy franchise. If you’re a fan of the game, this theme will make your Nokia N8 a master-piece the second you install it.

The the… Read more

Tribal scorpion theme thumb

Nokia N8 tribal scorpion theme

This is an amazing theme that will keep your Nokia N8 looking crisp, clean and sleek. As you can see from the screenshots below, the theme features as the title suggests, a scorpion in a tribal-themed pattern, giving for a fantastic theme.

This theme was created by Im__Venky. To download the theme cli… Read more

Blue planet Nokia N8 theme

Nokia N8 Blue planet theme

The world is (sometimes at least) a beautiful place, so why not have it on your Nokia N8? This theme features a blue globe, true to real world, with gradients top and bottom giving it a great glow and sleek look to it. Blue Planet is a great theme for anyone who likes either the colour scheme or even the conc… Read more

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