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Nokia N8 Using widgets to your advantage

The Nokia N8 comes with a really cool and useful tool, the ability to use and utilise widgets to make your life as a Nokia phone user a little easier and more intuitive. A lot of people unfortunately don’t know what advantages they can gain from the use of widgets, especially those who are new to th… Read more

Nokia N8 how to add photographs to contacts

How to add photographs to contacts on Nokia N8

If you want to add photographs to your contact list on the Nokia N8, whether it’s for visual purposes or just because, at a glance, you can see who is calling you – this guide will help you achieve that.

For starts, you will need to click on the contact which you would like to add a photograph f… Read more


How to add contact shortcut to home page

The Nokia N8 is an excellent piece of technology, at least where smartphones and modern technology are concerned and has masses of cool features that most people probably aren’t aware of.

With the Symbian^3 operating system on the Nokia N8, features and the ability to create shortcuts are in… Read more

Nokia N8 widget preview

Widgets are an element of the graphical user interface (GUI) that is customisable by the user dependant on their specific requirements such as a window or text box. Curiosity is in the human nature and if you’re curious as to how you will be able to and what it looks like to add, remove and re-arra… Read more

Personalising your Nokia N8 with widgets

Widgets are a superb way of personalising your mobile phone to cater for your needs. With the new Nokia N8 you have three home screens that you can customize to your hearts content – that means you could use one home screen for work, one for play and the other, well, what ever you want.

You can check… Read more

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