DC-14 mobile powering bicycle

Charging your Nokia N8 via bicycle

Believe it or not, but it’s now possible to have a work out without the need of a gym whilst also powering your Nokia N8 via an eco-friendly bicycle, which charges your phone whilst you ride. It has an efficient electricity supply – at only 12 km/h it charges about as efficiently as a common Nokia charger would, so it’s a great way to save money and get fit at the same time.

According to the Nokia store, this eco-friendly charging device is durable with dirt and weather resistance, deisgned for reliable performance all year round, whatever the weather (unless you like bicycling through tornadoes, in which case this wouldn’t be a great idea). Your Nokia N8 phone attaches in a secure way to the bicycle, so there’s no way for your phone to leave the bicycle whilst you power your way to fitness and a full-charge.

So, not only does this bicycle help you get fit and charge your Nokia N8 and other Nokia phones, but also makes your wallet a little heavier than it would be without – you will save money in the long-run on electricity bills. We at N8 Geeks could do with one of these awesome bicycles, we like to save money and keep fit, so we’ll definitely find use for it.