Create your own Nokia N8 ringtone

Create a Nokia N8 ringtone

Ringtones are a good way to personalise your mobile phone and almost everyone does it, whether they simply change it from the phones default ringtone or add their very own ringtone from their favourite music, we all do it. If you’re looking for a how-to on how to create your own Nokia N8 ringtones, then this is the ultimate guide for you – have your own, fully customized ringtone from your favourite bands, singers – whatever, it’s all detailed on this article.

Having a ringtone is great, but sometimes we want to have the ringtone play from a specific part of a song as some songs may have a boring intro but a great chorus – so this how to let’s you do just that, choose the part of a song you really love and have that as your ringtone. No more waiting 20 seconds before answering the call because you’re waiting for your song to kick in!

The whole process of creating a ringtone for your Nokia N8 from start to finish, which includes downloading the files takes around 10 minutes maximum. It’s a very easy process that everyone should be able to follow, there’s nothing special that you need other than the programs and files listed below. Once you’ve done it, you will easily be able to do it again in the future within two minutes or so.

What you will need

  • Audacity (free sound editing software)
  • Lame MP3 encoder (a very small library file for Audacity to export the sound clip)
  • A song that you want as a ringtone

Download Audacity and Lame MP3 encoder using the two links above, this should take no longer than two minutes, unless of course you’re on a very slow internet connection. Once you have downloaded the files, you will need to install and then run Audacity on to your PC or Mac, once installed keep following these instructions.


1. Now that the program is installed, find the .mp3 file (song) that you wish to make a ringtone out of. Once you have found the song, in Audacity click on “File” > “Open” and then navigate your way to your song of choice – it will then automatically add the whole song to the timeline.

2. Now you need to figure out what part of the song you wish to have as a ringtone – to do this, you will need to play the file within Audacity and look at the timeline and listen out for the part of the song that you want. Click on the start of the timeline (see figure x below) and you will hear your song play and you will see a line moving across the program timeline, whenever you hear the part of the song you want, look at the time on the timeline where it begins and ends.

3. Once you’ve found the part of the song you want, you need to choose the part of the song you want. To do this, within Audacity you need to select the times that you just looked out for in step 2 above. Let’s say you want the part of the song Biffy Clyro – Many of Horror – 1 minute to 2 minutes 30, we simply click at 1 minute on the timeline (or rather just below the timeline) and then drag with our mouse to the time 2 minutes 30 – you’ve now selected the part of the song that you want that will be used as your ringtone – press play to hear your selection, which will of course be your ringtones. If you want to change your selection, go ahead.

4. Now click “File” > “Export selection as MP3″ – you will now be presented with a screen that says Audacity doesn’t support exporting files directly – this is where Lame MP3 comes in handy, which you downloaded before. When it says “Would you like to locate libmp3lame.lib now?” click “Yes” and then navigate your way to the libmp3lame file, which you downloaded before – you will only ever have to locate this file once, if you make more ringtones in future this won’t be an issue. Choose a file name for the ringtone and save.

5. You now have your ringtone, so it needs to be put on to your Nokia N8. Connect your phone and then open the phones contents, it will be displayed as a drive on the PC and Mac (on the Mac it will be listed as Untitled). Open the “Sound” folder, then put the ringtone in the “Digital” sub-folder.

6. On your Nokia N8, press “Menu” > “Settings” > “Profiles” > “General” > “Options” > “Personalise” – click on “Ringtone” and then the “Songs” > “All songs”. Now you can choose the ringtone that we made in the previous steps and press “Select” – that’s it.

If you followed all of the steps carefully and precisely, you will now have your own personalised ringtone at long last. As time goes by, you will be able to create your own ringtones in literally a few minutes, it’s very easy to do, even if these instructions do seem long-winded and confusing at times.

We will upload a video to make things clearer for you guys in the coming days.