Enrich for Nokia N8

Developing apps at 12 years old

Your average 12 year old is usually a child whom is obsessed with rubbish television and playing games, but not this 12 year old. Meet Fahma Waluya Rosmansyah, he develops apps for Nokia mobile phones and they all serve just one purpose – to help Indonesian children just like him, learn English.

Just learning English at such a young age can be daunting enough, but not for Fahma, he would rather teach the language through innovative and interactive applications to other children. He, just like many other kids across the globe, loves playing on his gaming console, PC games and mobile phones but when he had reached fifth grade, he began learning how to develop with the powerful Adobe Flash program.

That same year, he had already created his own application, which was called BAHANA and allowed children to learn the alphabet, numbers and even colours – all from a Nokia E71 mobile phone. In sixth grade, he developed a further 5 applications, one of which is downloadable from the Ovi Store for your Nokia N8. The app, called ENRICH, enables children to translate Indonesian words into English using colourful images and clearly pronounced words. His latest application, MANTAP, is some-what similar, but teaches Indonesian children maths and will be available on the Ovi Store in the coming weeks.

Fahma insists he can create an application from scratch in less than 12 hours, but requires the assistance of his younger sister, Hania, who provides some of the sound you hear in his applications. His sister is his main source of inspiration and his very own beta tester. Having already recently winning the Indonesia ICT Award 2010, Fahma plans to continue with his developing and one day wants to make his applications accessible to every child on the planet.

Pretty bid plans for such a young child, but children like him would definitely make the future for the younger generation a much better place. Good on you, Fahma.