Doodle Fit for Nokia N8

Doodle Fit for Nokia N8

The word Doodle has preceded many titles in the gaming world ever since the release of Doodle Jump, which has had many millions of downloads worldwide – the game alone has been responsible for games such as Doodle Fit for the Nokia N8.

Doodle Fit is a simple yet effective game that will keep your boredom at bay for those times you’re travelling or just plain bored.

The idea of the game is to fit small squares inside a bigger square so they fit correctly – kinda like the leftover pieces of the game Tetris if you will.

The game doesn’t really need anything else other than what’s already there – blocks. It would be interesting however if the developer added power-ups, special blocks and what-not in future updates, but sometimes simplicity is the best and this game does just that: gives you a simple yet addictive game to enjoy.

As you would imagine with a touch screen based game, the controls are fairly easy to use and although you would think there’s the small issue as with many other games on touch screen devices is that sometimes your finger can get in the way – that isn’t the case with Doodle Fit. Tap a piece of block and it will ‘float’, meaning once you’ve touched it once you can then move your finger and position the block without any obscurity.

What makes the game even more interesting is that you cannot rotate the blocks in any way and there is also more than one way to solve each puzzle. If you find yourself getting stuck on a level, simply ask for a hint which are available on every level – this points out one of the pieces that are essential to completing to level. Why? Because once you’ve placed one piece in the exact correct location, you can fit the other pieces around it accordingly.

The game has a somewhat retro feel to it and its simplicity is rather compelling – yes it’s a rather basic game, but there’s sometimes very little wrong with sticking to the basics. The difficulty curve is also set to a point where you can learn and then master the game over time, with the start of the game being rather basic and building from that point on.

Price: €1.50 / £1.50
Download: Download Doodle Fit for Nokia N8