Doodle Jump free for Nokia N8

Doodle Jump (free) for Nokia N8

Another massively popular game on the mobile market at the moment is Doodle Jump – it’s a free game available for your Nokia N8 and works based on the mobile phones motion sensors. The game is very simple yet yields much addiction, once you start playing, you’ll be hooked for hours.

The character, Doodle, needs to jump as high as he possibly can. The speed and length of the jump depends on the coloured bars that appear in the screen before you. Every time Doodle jumps over a green bar, you are required to move your phone so that Doodle jumps again by hitting another green bar.

You will have to avoid jumping Doodle over the broken brown bars, which are there to make you fall back down to earth and end the game. The green bars have a spring in their step, which help Doodle get a very high jump – which effects your overall score on the game.

In order to correctly target these green bars, you will need to adjust your phone into a position where Doodle will jump on the spring, thrusting him through the air. In Doodle Jump, you can also get flying caps that will help make Doodle go even higher and increasing your overall score further.

The game has really great graphics for what it is and handles the motion control very well, nothing too much and nothing too little. The game can either be played in landscape or portrait mode, however I personally prefer playing in portrait. Each time your game ends, it records your score and adds it to the local scores, giving you a reason to compete to your most. You are even able to add your score to the worldwide high scores, competing with some of the best Doodler’s out there, all from you mobile phone.

Doodle Jump has huge appeal because it’s so easy to play and even simpler to learn, the learning curve is probably a mere 30 seconds – so after this time you’ve learned how to play the game and ready to kick some doodle ass. Get Doodle Jump for your Nokia N8 below.

Price: FREE
Download: Doodle Jump (free) for Nokia N8 (15020)