Foliant ebook reader for Nokia N8

Ebook reader for Nokia N8

Ebook readers are a way for you to view a book on your computer, tablet or mobile phone without having to read a paperback book. This makes it very easy to read whilst on-the-go, or even when you’re just in bed – no need to carry an actual book around with you all the time.

This particular ebook reader app for Nokia N8 mobile phones is an awesome piece of software which makes rading books on your phone a breeze. It supports a number of different formats such as FB2, TXT, EPUB and ZIP/GZ. You can download an ebook online and can read it via your device, which is why ebooks have become so popular in recent years.

The books can be viewed in both portrait and landscape modes, which is a nice addition, as people obviously have their own preferences. You can search for ebooks based on author name or by the name of the book, making it easy for you to find the title you want. Auto scroll along with kinetic scrolling (which is optional) is probably the best part of the app, it makes reading your book effortless and much more of a joy.

The GUI (graphical user interface) is of utmost quality which has the looks and feel of a premium application – but best of all, it’s free. You can convert your existing ebooks to TXT and FB2 formats using online converters, which allow you to convert the ebook by uploading it, then downloading the converted file and then you’re ready to transfer the file to your Nokia N8.

You can organise your ebooks based on groups and genres, which makes finding them a breeze. The ability to bookmark your ebooks is an added bonus, so you can continue reading your book from the exact same page where you last left off.

The ebook app is very customisable in terms of changing the reading progress line, changing image quality, setting page view, managing directories and much more. You get more than you could possibly expect from a free application, so get your hands on it today.

Download: Foliant ebook reader for Nokia N8 (5169)