Music video captured on Nokia N8

First Nokia N8 music video

As we all know already, the Nokia N8 has awesome video and picture capabilities that sets this smartphone out from the rest in the market today. We found a music video circling the internet lately that has been entirely shot on the Nokia N8 powerhouse mobile phone.

The video was produced by Kyle Roberts, who owns the company Reckless Abandonment Pictures and the song, Stalker, written and sung by singer-songwriter Denver Duncan – the video even features the actress Jenna McCarthy.

Kyle Robers said: “It all came together very quickly and seamlessly, about two days total”.

“Denver and Jenna were incredibly professional and easy to work with, and the online stalking concept is funny because it’s so true to life, and well-timed considering Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.” Roberts added.

Stalker is a song from Denver’s latest album, Let’s See What Happens, which can also be purchased from iTunes. It’s quite an awesome song if we do say so – made all the better by the fact it’s shot entirely on the Nokia N8, good job!