Top 5 free news apps for Nokia N8

Five of the best free Nokia N8 news apps

The Nokia N8 is a very powerful device and having news at your fingertips on the phone is a must have for those of us who like to keep up with current world events, be it general news or music – there are apps out there to cater for your needs. To make the most out of it, we’ve found five of the best free news apps from the Ovi Store for your Nokia N8.

After trawling through the Ovi Store like miners searching for gold, we’ve hand-picked a selection of the best free news apps from Nokia’s Ovi Store, which will cater for a number of peoples interests. Whether you’re into the latest gadget news, technology, current affairs or music – you’ll find something of interest to you.

MTV News
Everyone loves music, right? As you will probably already know, MTV News gives you all the latest breaking news from around the world of music direct to your Nokia N8. Whether you want to find out who’s the top of the current charts of what your favourite artist or band are up to or which music icon has made a prat of themselves in the press lately, you may want to get this app. Also share the news with your friends via Facebook or email – making sharing news a breeze.

BBC News
BBC News brings all of the breaking news from around the world on current affairs, technology, sport and much more from the BBC’s network of reports based around the world. Get the application for easy access to all the latest news you could ever wish for, all in the palm of your hands.

Nokia Beta Labs Blog Feed
If you own a Nokia N8 then chances are you’ve already heard of Nokia Beta Labs and if you haven’t, you definitely should have. Load up the application to keep an eye on the latest technical developments and inventions at Nokia that could and do change the way your use your phone forever. Get it, otherwise you’re going to be missing out big time, guaranteed.

So that’s it, we’ve brought to your attention 5 awesome and totally free news applications that should be worthy of a download on your Nokia N8 – if not, feel free to suggest a news application that you love and you may think could be useful to our readers here at N8 Geeks.

Electric what? Electricpig brings all the news of the latest gadgets to your fingertips, get this application if you’re a fan of technology – the news is UK eccentric but offers news from all around the world from the world of technology. All the latest news and reviews, here in one simple to use application.

CNN is America’s premium news portal, offering news rom current affairs, business and videos direct to your Nokia N8 in one simple application. This application is packed with news, so there should be something to read each time you load it up.

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