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Fixing Nokia N8 software issues

Everyone comes across a problem with their phones in their lifetime and it’s always good to know that there are various ways to fix these issues. This is the same with the Nokia N8 – it, like many other mobile phones, has various software issues over the time.

If you’re experiencing a software issues, be it small or large, you should always try resetting or restoring your mobile phone – or in extreme cases, even formatting your Nokia N8. So, if you’re experiencing issues on your Nokia N8, use the methods described below to attempt to fix them – it’s not guaranteed, but one of the methods below are almost certainly likely to fix your issues.

You must also remember though, that some issues are due to bugs within the operating system and it’s other software, so the methods mentioned below are not guaranteed work-arouds; however they’re the first step to getting things solved.

Nokia N8 Hard reset

This solves a multitude of problems, ranging from theme discrepancies to non-working apps. If you want to do a hard reset, which simply restarts the phone (you don’t lose any data or such) you simply need to hold down the power button until the screen turns itself off – after this, turn the phone back on and you may notice your issue is resolved; if however this does not fix your problem, move on to the next step as below.

Nokia N8 Restore factory settings

Restoring to factory settings does what it says on the tin, it restores your Nokia N8 to the condition it was received from the factory. This may well solve your issues, if it doesn’t then the likiness is that your phone has an internal software or hardware issues that can only be fixed via repair or a firmware update.

To reset to factory settings do the following; Main Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone Management > Factory Settings > Delete Data and Restore.


Type *#7370# and you will see an on-screen prompt asking if you would like to restore the phone to factory default – accept this message and the phone will then do its business.

Hey-presto, your phone will now be restored to its original condition. If, for whatever reason this doesn’t fix your issue or you have used or another software that has effectively ‘bricked’ your Nokia N8, then the instructions below may help you further.

Nokia N8 Formatting

If none of the above has fixed your issues, you may wish to format your Nokia N8 – though this does not come without hinderance. The How to format your Nokia N8 article on our website will explain this in better detail – to see this article, click here.