Nokia N8 freestyle football

Freestyle Football filmed on Nokia N8

If you need further proof that the Nokia N8 has an amazing camera built-in to its sturdy chassis, then this is it. The quality of the video, as you can see below is aboslutely fantastic and that’s after it has been compressed and uploaded.

The video features Sven, showing off his freestyle football skills, but not only that, but also whilst in the snow. This guy definitely has some skills worth showing.

Sven, a freestyle footballer who has being doing what he does for around four years now has produced a few awesome videos in that time – take his Youtube channel for example. Now he has got his hands on a Nokia N8 and and decided to record his audition for N8 Productions. There is still time to enter for those who wish to do so, check out the N8 Producers page to see the latest entries.